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Lawn & Garden

We carry many products including rakes, wheelbarrows, lime, fertilizers and much more. Apply Scotts Step 4 for a better Spring lawn next year. Get the help you need from our knowledgeable sales team.

Union Tools

Union Tools has been recognized as a leader in product quality and innovation in the lawn garden industry. Our commitment is to provide a wide selection of products at virtually every price range.

Swing and Slide

Check out our new bracket system that will make it easier than ever to build the playset of your child’s dreams. We also have all the accessories to upgrade your old set.

Ames Hose Hangers

Ames hose reels and holders provide an convenient and stylish place to store your hose. There are many different styles to choose from, making it easy to find the one to best fit your home.

Miracle Gro Fertilizers

From feeding the flowering plants to producing great vegetables to giving seedlings the right start, plant food is the essential tool for gardening success.

Chapin Sprayers

Your Chapin sprayer can be used for all spraying needs. Use your sprayer for weed and pest control, liquid fertilizing, or use it to clean and seal your deck or patio.

Swan Hoses

Swan has been manufacturing high quality garden hose since 1927. We are committed to making quality hoses; regardless if it’s garden hose, rubber hose, airhose, etc.

Easy Gardener WeedBlock

Stop wasting time pulling weeds and you’ll have more energy to enjoy your garden. WeedBlock Landscape Fabric not only deters weeds, it encourages root growth by keeping soil moist and cool.

Espoma Products

Since 1929, The Espoma Company has been the pioneer in natural gardening solutions. We have provided generations of gardeners safe, effective solutions from the finest natural ingredients.

Benick Gro-Well Soils

Gro-Well provides you with the best in natural and organic lawn and garden products. Premium-grade soils from Gro-Well are specifically formulated to advance plant growth naturally.

Scotts Lawn Pro Fertilizers

Scotts fertilizers deliver a gradual and even feeding of all essential nutrients and micronutrients, a fast and long-lasting green, and a formula that’s safe for the environment.

Gilmour Sprinklers

For innovative products that make it easy to achieve beautiful results, trust Gilmour. American-made with top-quality construction, Gilmour products make greener…easier.

Ortho Chemicals

Our indoor and outdoor insect killers will help protect your home, lawn and garden from pests.


Livingston Seed
Hundreds of varieties available ranging from fruit, vegetable and flowering plant seeds.