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8″ or 16″x16″ Grey and Red Patio Block
A quick and easy way to create attractive walkways and patios with a minimum of labor.

8″x8″x8″ or 8″x8″x16″ Cored Block
Commonly used for foundations as well as chimneys and more.

5″x5″x9″ and 7″x4″x10″ Cobblestone
Perfect for walkways and driveways.

High quality due to its silica content, compact nature and fine grains. It is used for patios, architectural facings, fireplaces, sills, sidewalks, and other features as well as a basic building material for buildings.

80 lb. Mason Mix
A high strength Commercial Grade dry pre-blended mixture of sand and cements specially selected for masonry applications.

McAvoy Brick Company
Brick from McAvoy embodies quality and family dedication 120 years in the making. See our product and installation pages for colors and styles to bring your building plans to life.

60 lb. Concrete Patch
A multi-purpose concrete repair material with strong adhesive properties. Made of a special blend of exterior grade vinyl resin, fine sand, and portland cement. Just add water.

8″x8″x16″ Cinder Block
Perfect for addition foundations, behind retaining walls and for 1001 other building products.

8″x16″ Drywell Block
Used to create drywells of various sizes.

80 lb. Concrete Mix
The original 4000 psi average compressive strength blend of portland cement, sand, and gravel or stone. Just add water. Use for any general concrete work.

Native Stone
A native mix of small stone commonly used for driveways and walkways.

80 lb. Mortar Mix
A blend of masonry cement and graded sand. Just add water.

Boston Colonial Pavers
One of New England’s most popular paver styles. The traditional shape provides a choice of patterns, including herringbones, running bonds, parquets, and a number of basket weave variations.

4″x8″x16″ Solid Block
Commonly used for foundations.

8″x12″, 8″x12″ and 12″x12″ Chimney Flue Block
Used to construct chimney flues.

94 lb. Portland Cement Type II or Lite
Quikrete Portland Cement can be mixed with aggregate and other ingredients to make concrete mix, mortar mix, and base coat stucco.

Stone Dust
Used as a base for masonry projects such as walkways, and as a filler between blocks or stones.

80 lb. Sand Mix
Quikrete Sand/Topping Mix consists of a uniformly blended mixture of portland cement, commercial grade sands and other approved ingredients.

Driveway Seal
Protect your driveway from the elements. Heat, salt, gas, water and plants can break it down over time. Sealing your driveway can prevent these problems and keep it looking beautiful longer.